Mind Over Meditation

Mind Over Meditation

If there’s one saying we’ve all heard, it’s that practise makes perfect. Trust us, meditation is no different. So whether you’ve been using Be Your Best Self regularly on your journey or are just starting out, these tips can ensure you make the most out of your time.


Find the meditation that works for you… There are so many ways of meditating, and not all of them will work for you. However, for beginners, starting with guided mediation like the videos on Be Your Best Self can help you learn to focus and help you overcome any distractions that might come your way. 


Create a calming space… If there’s one sure way of inspiring your meditation practice, it’s creating an area in your home that is relaxing. A place where you are excited to spend time away from any hustle and bustle will help motivate you to meditate, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night.


Avoid distractions, but not completely… Some days you will find yourself somewhere you may think isn’t ideal for meditation. That doesn’t mean you should skip it. Instead, use this opportunity to practise mindful listening. If a noise interrupts your meditation, don’t worry about noticing it for a few moments before refocusing your thoughts.


Find what time of day works for you… You never want to feel hurried when you are meditating, so try and carve out some time in your day when you aren’t rushing or expecting any phone calls. 


Don’t worry if your mind wanders… When it comes to meditation, it’s okay if you begin to start thinking about something or get distracted. The key is to try and refocus your mind. This is a massive part of the practice and why so many people find guided meditations to be so helpful. 


Don’t take it too seriously… It’s important that you enjoy the process of meditating, and that means having fun with it. Whatever happens during your session, smile and know your continually improving.


Keep a journal… For some, writing down your thoughts and feelings before and after meditating can be helpful. Check-in every so often and see if and how your mood is changing.


Keep calm and carry on… Just like any relaxing activity, try and plan your day, so you aren’t jumping straight back into a busy schedule. Instead, take a few minutes to enjoy the moment by having a drink or journaling, as we suggested above.  

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