5 Reasons Why Meditation is Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

5 Reasons Why Meditation is Key to a Healthy Lifestyle
We live in a world where trends come and go in the blink of an eye. The world of wellness is trying to stop this notion in its tracks. At the forefront, meditation. An ancient practice, it has been an integral part of cultures from across the globe since 5,000 BCE. Meditation is only growing in popularity and with good reason. With decades worth of research proving the benefits of the practice, people from all walks of life are reaping its benefits. Did we mention Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Weiner the CEO of LinkedIn being some of them?


With so many forms of meditation ready to be explored, there is something for everyone. For beginners to those on the run, easy to follow guides like the ones that can be found on Be Your Best Self are a perfect place to begin. Taking just a few minutes out of your day, below we explore five scientifically proven benefits that will make you want to start implementing meditation into your daily life now.


Reduces Stress 
From work to home life we are all dealing with stress like never before. Meditation allows us to take a new perspective on the situations we find ourselves in. By taking a moment to meditate we can actually lower our levels of cortisol – the stress hormone.


Lessens Anxiety
Forget about the past, mindfulness meditation works by training our minds to focus on the present. By calming the mind, symptoms of anxiety like trouble sleeping, mood swings and depression lessen over time.


Increases Memory 
Through regular mediation, you can improve and better your focus. This happens as during meditation there is an increase of blood flow to the brain. In some studies, there have been improvements as in as little as eight weeks.


Lowers Pain
Instead of trying to ignore pain, meditation works by recognizing the pain in order to cope with it. Studies have found that this works for those suffering from both chronic, acute and post-surgical pain.


Improves Attention Span
Studying or trying to hit deadlines? Taking a moment to meditate can help the braids problem solving and decision-making capacity. By absorbing you into the moment, it can help you reach a ‘flow’ state which in turn supports concentration.
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