Why You Need to Be Practising Yoga Now

Why You Need to Be Practising Yoga Now

Master of the crow pose, a fan of the downward dog or simply trying out the practice for the first time? Yoga is loved across the world for its inclusivity. With over 11 different styles that embrace all abilities, anyone can partake in yoga. 


Yoga isn’t just about exercise, it offers so much more. Aiming to build awareness and strength throughout your body and mind, you don’t have to be an expert to reap these benefits. Even if you add just a few poses to your daily routine, you will soon notice all the different and often unexpected ways it can help you. 


Let’s begin with physical. From the outside yoga can look easy. Once you get in the flow you may find yourself struggling. Some of the reasons could be you’re strong but not flexible, you’re flexible but not strong, or you’re neither of the above. Yoga helps to build not only strength and flexibility but also helps with balance and endurance. 


A healthy appearance is an obvious positive of building your physique. Alongside this is your body being able to handle more stressors which can lead to fewer injuries. Lengthening and opening up muscles alongside strengthening your joints will improve your posture and balance. This means in your daily life you will have increased motion making day to day tasks easier and more comfortable to perform, even if this is just waiting for the kettle to boil. 


A positive state of mind will also result from a stronger physique. During yoga, stretching and opening up the body can induce feelings of relaxation. Other psychological benefits can also occur both during and after the practice. Awareness and mindfulness are at the forefront. As you coordinate movement with your breath you are anchoring yourself in the present moment. This helps stop negative thinking and can help those who are suffering burnout if they use breathwork regularly. 


Supporting your mental health, yoga can also help to reduce anxiety, depression, stress and even problems like being unable to concentrate and addictive behaviours. As with everything practise makes perfect. However, once you are in the flow you’ll be noticing the benefits of yoga on your body and mind both in and out of the studio. 

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